Skillz support requests

Hi! Vicky's here.

Three days ago I have a problem with cash match in Diamond Strike
The game crashes right after starting. My money seems to be gone )

What should you do in that situation?

Send a request to the support team. I explain how you can do this!
Follow the link below:

It should be better if you Sign Up. Then follow the instructions in e-mail you've recieved.
After successfull registration and login click the Submit a request  link and describe your problem very clearly.
After that request support team gave me a $5 bonus cash for free!

Today I saw a winning screen where Top Score was much lower than mine. I send a one more request with match ids.

Where can you find Match ID in Skillz Game?

First of all go to the menu than tap on Account -> Account Balance. You can see all your matches here.
Thats All!

Enjoy your Cash Wins in Skillz!