Skillz Promo Code 2017 $10

Hey, guys!
I've just recorded a video for your with the most actual promo code for Skillz games.
Check it out!

Enjoy your free $10 bonus cash on your deposit.

In this video I show how to start a new game and create new account.

Please be aware! 
Bonus Cash can only be applied to a new player with the first time deposit only. So be aware that you can use this promo code only once.

In this video I show the gameplay after application was installed. One more thing you'd better sign up with your unique nickname. Other way you'll be charged some Ticketz (in-game loyalty points) for changing it in future.

How to apply this promo code

You need to play all the tutorial matches with bots. After that game will ask you to play you first cash match. To be able to do it you need to deposit cash from $10 to $30. With my promo code you will get extra $10 and welcoming bonus. It means that you can have from $30 to $70 instead of $10 and $30.

Believe me you can earn you deposit back after a couple of games and start earning and withdrawal real cash.

I hope this information will help you. Good luck!