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Diamond Strike is the most popular matching game with multiplayer competitions for cash prizes basing on Skillz platphorm! Challenge people around the world with Skillz, the #1 competition platform on mobile. Compete with cash or virtual currency for prizes, and get rewarded just for playing!

Please be advised that Promo code can be use only for new players, how to sign up to Skillz platfor you can read here.

If you play practice matches you will get some bonus cash after 10 wins which can be used to enter in tournaments with real cash prizes.
In each game you play the part real and bonus cash will be used. 80% real cash and 20% bonus. If you don’t have any real cash then you will use bonus cash only.
Let’s say you have $24 and enter into a $20 game with an entry fee $12. You’re going to put in $8 real cash and $4 Skillz bonus cash towards the match. If you win that game you will receive your $12 Skillz bonus cash back along with $8 real cash which you can withdraw later.
If you choose to withdraw your $30 with $14 Skillz bonus cash still in your account you will have to forfeit your $14 Skillz bonus cash. So keep playing and turn that $14 into some real cash as well as earn Ticketz towards that Sea-Doo that everyone dreams of owning!
It is also worth noting that any withdraw below $10 will be charged a $1.50 processing fee.